Stall when climbing to cruise altitude

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Hello all!

I love the ERJ Jungle Jet as well as the great ERJ panel!!! Outstanding!!!  I have read the manual, introductory flight, forums and I am having problems with stalling the aircraft when climbing.  I am basically following the introductory flight to the tee except for the navigation heading information.  When I engage the FLC,VS,SPD and AP the plane approaches stall warning and then stalls very often now.  What am I doing wrong?  I must be missing something.  Also, I cannot get NAV to fly the flightplan.  I use Radar Contact and if it deviates me for traffic I usually fly with NAV and HDG mode engaged.  I do not know if this is correct?!?  Please help so I can enjoy this plane and panel to the fullest.  Thanks in advance!

Btw, I am using the registered version of fsuipc 3.125, fs9, radar contact v3.  Seems as if this problem just started occuring on my past three flights from kcle-klga.


What airplane, what version of the panel, and which FS are you using?


I am using the Continental Express ERJ-145XR, with Flight Simulator 9 and fs2004 version of the panel.  I got a new computer and I just downloaded the new version of the panel, the new fde update, installed the new fssound.dll beta which alleviates having to add the oldmodule in the fs9.cfg.  I flew a couple of flights today and noticed the behavior only somewhat.  I was trying to isolate what I am doing and where so I can give more information.  I am setting the takeoff V speeds and landing V speeds per the documentation.  Thanks!

how are the weights of the aircraft for each flight?  Fuel, Payload,  too much of both can make for very poor takeoff performace.

Dear Jerel,

At what altitudes are you running out of airspeed? It might be that the Pitot Heat is not turned on.




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