Marker Beacon Sounds


About a year ago we had a discussion on how to get the Marker Beacon Sounds turned on using Bill’s Panel.  The only way to do this in FS2002 was to go to another panel/plane (i.e. Boeing 737), find the marker switch, turn it on and switch back to Bill’s Panel.  You don’t have to do all that in FS9.  There is a default keyboard assignment in FS9 for turning on the Marker Beacon Sounds.  Go to Options / Controls / Assignments and then scroll down to “Marker beacon ident on/off” and you will see the key assignment is – CTRL+3.  I tried this and it does not work on my machine with Win XP Pro.    I’ve tried reassigning this to other keys without success; however, this may work for others!  Please let us know if any of you can turn on the Marker Beacon Sounds using the CTRL+3 key.

The work around that I did find which works for me is by reassigning the Marker Beacon Sounds to one of my joystick buttons.   I used button #7 (was the kneeboard) on my MS FF2.  It defaults to the off position so I have to remember to press this once before or during each flight.

Now all you have to do is press one button and you can hear all the appropriate Marker Beacon Sounds when the corresponding Marker lights (outer, middle and inner) show up on Bill’s Panel.    

Hope this works for some of you…….. Jim  


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