ERJ Frame Rate Problem FS9

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Any One who can help me.
I have a situation with the ERJ in fs9
It gives me a slow frame rate per sec which makes the panel very jocky.  However other aircraft in FS9 run smooth at 20 Frames per sec.  I have a 128MB Geoforce 4 video card so i doubt it's a problem with my pc.  Any Help would be great.
Captain Omar Mansour
Express Jet Airlines

It's a slow panel.


I have been using Bill's panel with Nick's aircraft with absolutely no probs..  Not sure what yer problem is.


Like Bill said,  his fantastic panel is a frame rate hog.  I have a Pentium 3.0 GHz and a GeForce 4 Video card.  I max most of the sliders in FS9 and fly with some add-on sceneries.  At the major airports I get around 11-17 FPS which is still smooth, but a lot better than what I was getting with my AMD 2400, 6-9 FPS in the same areas.  What is the size of your CPU, where are you flying, what are your sliders set to, what kind of weather are you using, etc.?  These are some of the factors that affect  the frame rate.

So, all that being said, we would need more information to help you increase your frame rates.  And Bill's Panel is still the best one out there............  Jim

My settings are all set to low
I just care about the smoothness of the aircraft to practice
I have a Celeron 1ghz processor
So i guess I need a fast cpu
in the virtual cockpit i get 22 frames per sec
which is odd. i go in the panel and i get 5-8 per sec
i would love to even get 15 with the panel.
Thanks for all your help and support
Capt Omar Mansour
Express Jet


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