Battery and waypoints


I read many posts about the battery problem (mfd goes black after a while) but I couldn't find the solution. I solve the problem in the neanwhile starting one engine. But is there a solution with FS9 and fsuipc not registered?
ANother question: is possible to skip some waypoints from the flightplan?
I had a sid into my flightplan but after takeoff I skip some of its waypoints. Engaging the FMS mode bring me back to the first waypoint of SID. Is possible to avoid this and fly from a choosen waypoint?



The batter question has been asked and answered many times. You can find the answer to this and other common questions in the thread titled "***FAQ's: New Visitors READ THIS FIRST***" which has been locked at the top of the forum and is available from the following link:;action=display;threadid=1452

For your convenince I have copied the relevant portion:

The cockpit goes black after several minutes.
Go to the fsuipc.dll menu and check the box for the Flat Battery Option.

This does require a registered version of FSUIPC, however.

but I already read the FAQ and didn't find a solution for the unregistered version of fsuipc. This is why I post the question.


The FAQ's now reflect this.



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