PAI Aircraft


I am using youy panel and flight model with the PAI ERJ 135
however the aircraft looks as though it is sinking in to the ground.If I use the original files that come with this aircraft the performance is terrible
what part of the config file or air file do I have to adjust to make the aircraft sit on the tatrmac correctly
I am at present using fs2k2


Well, for starters, I would suggest using the actual Project ERJ model, since it is more detailed and is designed to work with our flight dynamics. However, you need to edit the contact points to get the plane to sit right. Try using the contact points that came with the original PAI aircraft.

I agree with you that your model is better but I can not get it in the livery that I want

I have replaced the contact points but the plane does back flips and keeps crashing

Than it would seem that the PAI plane and the Project ERJ flight dynamics are not compatable without more detailed and complex changes. Unfortuanatly, since I will probably never fly a PAI ERJ-135 (it is afterall, intended for AI use and not flying) I cannot be of any more assistance.

What livery are you looking for? Perhaps someone has already requested it and isn't yet finished or maybe there is a painter out there that would like to take up the challenge.


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