Hi everybody,

The panel's just fine where it should be, and there are no error messages any more. I can load the the EMB-Aircraft right fine, but the two screens where all the information about altitude and heading and so on should be are black as well as there are still no moving parts like throttle, switches or altimiter cursor.
I can fly by using my joystick and keyboard, but I could never know my speed, flap position, altitude, etc.
The same thing happens when I try to install the ATR-42. Panel's there but no screens at all, not even black!
Possibly the problem's really FSUIPC or maybe I should change something in the fs9.cfg???
If someone knows anything, please reply a.s.a.p.
Thanks a lot,

H.E. Messner
American Virtual Airlines


Sounds like you have some kind of system problem. Does everything work with default aircraft? Do you have the latest version of fsuipc.dll?


Yes, the default aircrafts work perfectly,
it's just that I'm missing any screens and switches, etc.
Yes, I downloaded the freeware of FSUIPC, but I registered last night and I'm waiting for the reg.-key now.
But I doubt that this is a specific problem of your problem, because on the Fleetpage, I downloaded an ATR42 installed (copied) the files and there is a similar problem: I have the panel but there are no screens (EFIS,...) at all-it's just like when you buy a car but you're missing a steering wheel.
That's all I can say at the moment.

H.E. Messner
American Virtual Airlines

Even registering FSUIPC wasn't the solution,
now I don't have a clue.
I tried to install an ATR42 (there the situation is much worse than with the EMB RJ: I don't have a panel at all) in order make at least my two flight this month,
but obviously I'm forced to leave American Virtual Airlines, since there is no solution for this problem.
Yours sincerely,

H.E. Messner
American Virtual Airlines

Hi Harold,

This might be a silly suggestion, but you sound desparate.  Have you tried toggling different panels on and off?

I think that the panel is treated by FS as several panels.  I can make my screens go black by turning off panel 2 and can similarly hide the switches by turning off panel 4.  I think the default keys for this are shift 2 and 4 respectively, but you can check or set them using Options, Controls, Assignments, Panel Window # display/hide.  You could also try it by using Views, Instrument Panel, MFD for the screens and Overhead Panel for the switches.



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