FSSound.dll Problem


I know there is lots of advice about this topic, but I am still struggling:

'When I begin FS2004, I see a error message about the sound module.
Add "FSSound.dll=1" under the heading [OLDMODULES] in fs9.cfg, which resides in "C:\Documents and Settings\"YOUR LOGON NAME"\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9". "Bill" is my logon name. Substitute yours.'

I have followed the above instructions, but I can't even find a folder called Application Data on my PC. I can't find an Old Muodules folder anywhere either.

I have tried searching the hard drive, all to no avail. Please help!


You have to search your C: drive, not the Documents folder on your desktop.

Also, you have to change the files that you can view in the folder options section so that you can see ALL the folders and files.


Selected 'show hidden files' and all sorted now. Thank You!

Great work - am enjoying the 145!


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