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First off i love your aircraft's but is there a reason why you dont allow people to paint fictional liveries or "fake" planes  not being disrespectful just wondering??

Sorry for saying this Nick. Mark, the ironic thing is, Nick painted a HJG CV-990 / 880 in the new colors of TWA. In 1997 the only plane they had that had more than two engines was the 727...


Don't like the rules, don't paint my planes. End of story. A bit harsh, but they aren't open for debate and were established for a reason.

There are ultimatly quite a few reasons for the repaint policy as it is, and while I don't feel much of a need to state them all, it was done in reponse to a less than desirable incident that occured involving an attempt by another flight sim user to pilfer my designs. That is why all repaints must be authorized.

All real world repaints are kept on Project ERJ's site only, since I find it to be a bit of a pain having to search through the various flight sim sites in order to keep track of the various repaints in different airline colors. I have no problems with other sites linking to Project ERJ, but it becomes something of a tracking nightmare when they are uploaded to different sites where the repaints often get burried in large file libraries. And by keeping the repaints on one server, it helps to keep track of where the planes are uploaded. Limiting duplicates is an extension of this, as I really have neither the time or desire to keep track of 12 copies of a plane in identical liveries, save for registrations.

As to fake liveries, while I really don't have an interest in managing a second site for them (I would never put them on the same listing as real planes), its not that I object to the fakes in as much as I object to the many virtual airlines that base themselves on real airlines, only to turn the airlines into jokes by adding non-existant planes creating wildly outrageous fleets and adding hubs in unrealistic locations. It's one thing to creating a unique and original virtual airline and use whatever fleet and route combination you want, but it is a completly different thing to degrade the hard work of current airline employees or the memory of long past airlines by using their identity to create wholly unrealistic airlines. I often  look at this type of va wonder why they bothered using the real airline's name when they go about setting up hubs in the largest money-losing city the airline flew to?

That is why I don't allow fakes. Not because they aren't interesting to look at or fun to paint, but because I am sick of airline's being turned into laughable collections of every plane in existance by self-righteous and overly egotistical fools.


In 1997 the only plane they had that had more than two engines was the 727...

So I take it that L1011s (last flight Sept. 3, 1997) 747s (last flight Feb 20, 1998) don't count as having more than 2 engines?


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