ERJ will not follow flight path

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What a panel!!!!  While I am getting better at using it I still can not get the flight to follow the filed route when I have the Nav/Hdg both turned on.  The current hdg will continue and pass over the charted route.  I also can not bring up the FS2004 GPS screen. This would be helpful due to the fact that unless I load a flight plan the MFD does not show any waypoints?  Any help.


If the flightplan isn't loaded in the default FS flight planner, it won't fly the route and it won't appear. Make sure you have the original FS9 gps_export.dll loaded and not the FS2002 version.


I have having that problem as well.  I have never used FS 2002.  I load the flight plan using the FS9 flight planner and I see the plan.  I change from NAV to FMS mode and I see the flightplan waypoints.  When I am in LNAV <-- HDG mode the aircraft will not follow the route.  I have to make corrections myself unless the co-pilot is flying the plane (FS Hotseat or Radar Contact).

Hi, I have the same problem. Also, do anyone know how to make FS2004 has a good framerate?  I alway have bad framerate when using FS2004(Some default aircraft but the framerate is bad when use add-on aircraft). Any ideas to fix?


Have you read the FAQ's?!



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