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hi all at project erj,
i'm truly sorry to hear you're closing down and will miss all of your great panels and planes however i would like to wish you all the best in the future and will look forward to seeing some more botamer/grabowski work;-)

Bill's still gonna work on panels, and I am still gonna work on planes, but there hasn't been much going on with the site lately, and its easier for me to just upload everything to avsim's file library than try and maintain the site. The EMB-120s, ERJ-145XR, ERJ-140, and the custom version of the panel have already been uploaded, and as I get the time the ERJ-135s, -145s, and Legacy's will be uploaded there as well.

good to here that. what sort of planes are you wanting to work on?

Not so much wanting to work on, but nearly ready to release. Just check the news pages at the various flightsim sites and you should find out soon.

If no objections from Nick and Bill, I am offering a free name + space + support + maintenance + portuguese version for continuity of "Project-ERJ".

Avsim is a great site, but is much more confortable get all things togheter in a unique place.


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