ERJ Panel "FLC" Over Corrects = Too Pitchy?



I've been a fan of both Nick and Bill's great works for a while now. Finally, im addressing some issues that I have run across.

1) After departure, I activate Autopilot and then click "FLC" to engage climb mode. My throttle is set to climb power and the autopilot seems to over correct itself as it establishes itself in the ascent, resulting in a very pitchy departure below 10,000 - especially with the rare ATC level off. Is there any way to correct this?

2) I've tried to add altitude callouts by adding a gauge from another panel to the ERJ panel. It works with other aircraft but the ERJ panel doesnt seem to recognize it. Is there any way to add callouts? Does the ERJ even have altitude callouts (i.e. 50, 40, 30, 20, 10). Makes judging landings easier in my opinnion.

3) At cruz when the "cruz" power is set on the panel, it seems to be completely off and lead me into overspeads. I then have to set cruise power manually. Is this able to be fixed or am I doomed to contstantly check power settings during cruise?

Thanks for such a great freeware aicraft guys. I sure appreciate it.  

Happy January,
Chris Smith


You are "doomed" to constantly adjust power settings.



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