ERJ-135 Paint Kit

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Dear Everyone,
       Has anyone got a ERJ-135 paintkit i could use as the default textures for the 135 i am unable to edit to paint the fuselage.


There will be no paint kit, and those that have recieved it in the past have been asked not to distribute it.

Try opening the bmps in either DXTBmp (available from ) or Imagetool (comes with FS2002) and saveing them as 24bit images. You should then be able to paint them using any standard graphics program like Paint Shop Pro or Photosuite. Just remember to save them as extended bitmaps when you are done.


as you stated before, nick, there would be no problem reworking the textures from any of the existing.
if i would make a "new" paintkit (i.e. blank textures), reworked from other textures, would it be ok if i publish it at avsim/flightsim???
or is it not allowed either?


I would prefer that a paint kit not be reverse engineered, however, if someone wanted to create an entirely new set of textures and make a paint kit for them, then they would be more than welcome to upload it.

Thanks for your help guys!!

I will let you know if it was a success.


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