ERJ Panel on FS2002

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Hello all,

I think this post is addressed to Bill Grabowski, the ERJ panel designer, right?

Well, I've downloaded the panel/airplanes yesterday, and I have two questions:
The first is, even with all doors closed, and everything by the checklist, after takeoff, on the T/O page of the center EFIS display, some doors still show opened (i.e. red marks).. Am I doing something wrong?

And secondly, I'd like to know if there's any way I can increase the refresh rate of the EFIS displays.

Bill, i't a fantastic panel, just preety f***** remarkable!! And I'm keeping one eye on this forum for the MD-11 previews.

Regards and Thanks!


The panel for FS2002 has "dummy" doors on the takeoff page. Ignore them. They're there for show.

The only way to improve the refresh rate on this panel is to follow the suggestions for improving the frame rate listed in the FAQ topic in this forum, or get a faster computer.


Hi Bill.

First of all, thanks for the quick answer.

Well, about the refresh rates: when using your panel I get very good frame rates. My FS is locked to 16 frames/sec, and with your panel, on most situations I get 15.9 fps (except on very complex sceneries, of course). Just to compare, PMDG's 737NG panel drops me to about 12 fps.
So what I mean is if is there any tweaking possible (maybe on a cfg file - just wildly guessing here) that would allow the panel screens to refresh faster.

Also, is there any website tha you know where I can find more technical material about the ERJ?

It's a wonderful panel and I'm having tuns of fun with it. Can't wit to get my hands on the MD-11!!

Thanks a lot!


No change of the panel.cfg is suggested.

All I can recommend is to do a search on google.


Hi Bill,

Thanks again!

best D.C.


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