Reworked EMB 120 Textures

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As said in another post I am reworking the textures of all the Embrear Aircraft done by Nick Botamer.

To give you an example how far I have already gotten I want show you this picture of an EMB120 texture:

[ Attachment removed / expired ]

The size is reduced by 50% - original size is 1024x1024 px.
Original aircraft was Air France Regional EMB120 which I downloaded from Project-ERJ's website. The color is not exactly "white" but slightly grey. I do not know whether I am going to change to color to exact white, as the greyish tone does fit the aircraft much better and gives it a weathered look.

!!! This is not the original repaint kit, although it pretty much looks like it !!! I reworked it from already published Air France textures !!!


Robert Lechner

P.S.: Nick, I hope it is OK for you that I do this. I'd like to publish my reworked textures at avsim/etc. as soon as they are finished.

I would prefer that any textures included in new paint kits be made from scratch and not reworked from already repainted planes.

if i may quote you from another post;action=display;threadid=19004


The repaint kit is no longer being distributed. You will have to reverse engineer an already painted plane.

Does this refer to Virtual Airlines only, i.e. if a  Virtual Airline wants to repaint an aircraft they may use "reengineered" textures, but they may not be published anywhere?

If so, I will refrain from publishing or distributing these, as long as I can use them for my own purposes (this may include a kind of "VA-Paintshop", i.e. I repaint an aircraft in VA's colours, based on the textures I own, and I send the final painted textures to them. This means I won't distribute any "white/blank" textures!)

I can understand your concerns about the texture, as being "reengineered" it almost looks like the original one.


Robert Lechner

By all means you can "clean up" a painted plane and use the textures for repaints which you upload. I just don't want a repaint kit with those textures distributed.

Ok. This won't happen. No redistribution.

Thanks for all the information. I hope I didn't annoy you to much with my problem.


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