Thanks from a future ERJ Pilot



I just had the opportunity to present a few military retirement items to one of my TSgt Inspection Mechanics who was retiring from the Guard at age 40 with 21 years of service.  He lives down in Florida and works as an American Eagle Pilot on their ATR-42s. It's a long story how he got to be in our Wisconsin unit, however, the traveling here for Guard Drills and Annual Training was getting to be more difficult for him.

When I asked him what he was going to do now, he told me that he was headed to Dallas, TX to upgrade to the ERJ series.  I told him of your Panel and he explained that he knew about it and uses it very often.  His normal route of Miami to Puerto Rico never gave him much instrument time so he uses your Panel to practice his instrument flying!

I told him that I worked a couple things with you on your Panel and that we keep in communications over occurring concerns with the Panel.  He asked me to thank you for making the Panel.  Besides being a great practice tool, it has given him considerable confidence going into his upgrade training.   So from Jim Karlen, a future ERJ Pilot - Thanks Bill !!


Do you think you could make that green moving banner a little larger?




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