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Hello again,
Sorry to be asking so many questions.  I believe I've properly installed Nicks V3 AC & Bills VC 1.3.  I have a great view of the airport but no vitual cockpit.  Can someone tell me what to look for?
I did look thru 15 pages of posts but couldn't find anything regarding this.
Thanks again,


Nick had the virtual cockit files at his Project Embraer website. I'd recommend not using the VC. The 2D panel is much better.


All v3 planes come with the VC by default. The only reason for the VC not to show up is that you have either not downloaded an actual v3 plane, since if you can select the plane, the VC will be there.

thanks !  where to get or how do I enable the 2d vc?
Also maybe I'm looking for something that is not there, What I mean by that  is, if while in the standard cockpit view I use the "hat" control I can see Joe and other VC type cockpit views.  But in the stand FS Virtual view nothing.
Nick, how can I verify V3 Aircraft?
This evening I attempted a flight from Pitts to Cle,  I chose Delta.
When ATC conversation began however ATC & the pilot identified the craft by the proper tail number but called it embraer instead of Delta?  does this have anything to do with "iu" or "airline =" in the aircraft.cfg file?  What can I adjust to get the atc chat to match the aircraft?
Thanks again!
I'm just eat-in up this aircraft and your panel

The airfile and mdl names will be ER3-nb-j-t or similar in format. The problem could be that someone has moved the view points in the aircraft.cfg. Also, with the V3 planes you should be using the Project ERJ specific panel (that was at avsim but now seems to be missing but is still available from Project ERJ's site)  that removes the 2D bitmaps with Joe, since they interfere with the VC.

To get FS to recognize Delta, first install the editvoicepack (I think it is at avsim or fsnordic, or maybe on their own site). Once that is installed you can select Delta from the drop down menu in FS on the select aircraft screen.


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