TCAS, Barometer, and YD FS9 prob

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 Hi everybody. I recently downloaded the FS9 version of the panel and installed it. My TCAS and YD don't work at all, and my barometer is kind of off too. EX: When the altimeter is 2993, the closest I can get to that is 2992. Is this an FSUIPC problem too? I couldn't find anybody with the same problem either. So can you please help me fix this?  

 If I download the latest version of FSUIPC, will that make any difference??

 Okay, this problem is after I downloaded the latest ERJ panel update. Another problem(and if anyone else has this problem, please tell me) is that my ERJs dont really fly like they should. The landings and approaches are much different from what they used to be like with the 2002 version. When I touchdown, the nose just slams itself into the ground, and that's when I fly it normally. Anyone have these problems, or know how to fix? Thanks!

 Just downloaded version 4.02, and updated it. I fixed the YD problem, however there's still the problem with the TCAs and barometer. On approach, I have to fly the aircraft at really low speeds, or else the thing wants to climb, especially on short final. Instead of touching down at 123kts or so on the 135, I end up touching down at about 105-111kts. Also with the update, when I touchdown, the nose doesn't plunk down into the ground anymore. So I'm progressing, just need a little help.  


That you should have the latest version of FSUIPC goes without saying. Check the box that fixes control accelertion. If you can't get the baro set to standard, hit 'B' on the keyboard, or push the STD button on the PFD panel.

If you are using the same airplane (I'm assuming Nick's ERJ's) in FS9 as you did in FS2002, there should be little or no difference. You might have improperly configured the airplane with inappropriate values set in the Aircraft.cfg files. Make sure you are using the proper and updated aircraft.cfg.

The panel should have no effect the the type of landing that you perform. Your airspeed is controlled by you, so I can't understand why you would be approaching at 105 knots. Increase your speed, and then maybe your nosegear won't slam the deck.



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