Bank Limiter Problem


One of the minor problems I'm having with the Panel in FS9 is that the Bank Limiter (above 24,750 ft) does not hold to the described limits of 14 degrees like it used to.   Now the aircraft banks at 22 degrees above 24,750 ft. and goes outside of the little green markers on the PFD.  I know it's only 8 degrees, but the bank is not smooth like it used to be in FS2004.  It is a very sharp and jerky bank when it reaches anything over 12 degrees.  This happens with and without the Autopilot Heading on.  I tried adjusting the ".air" files, the ".cfg" files and tried it on Nick's, Mike Stone's and FeelThere's airframes with the same results.  I did check the "Fix control acceleration" box in my FSUIPC and that did cut it down from about 30 degrees of bank above 24,750 to the 22 degrees that I am working with now. I've been testing this at 30,000 ft.   I've discussed this with Bill and he is stumped and pretty busy with the MD-11 Panel right now.  Any suggestions?  Is anyone else is experiencing this?

Someone E-mailed me and said they were experiencing the same thing, unfortunately I deleted the E-mail.

The next time you guys are flying the ERJ above 25,000 ft, please try a wide turn (right or left) and let me know if you stay within the little Bank Limiter markers on the PFD.  Any help would be appreciated.....


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