Altitude Incursions

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Good day all, first, I fly a ERJ 145's for a carrier in the US and average about 950 hours a year staring at the real panel all day.  For those of you who wonder about the authenticity of this panel, it's nothing short of amazing.  The overhead panel is a bit lean, but the main panel is very accurate.  I'm nothing short of amazed at authenticity of not only the displays, but also at the system logic for the Flight Guidance Control Panel.  Very well done!!  One question I have, that I didn't see mentioned in the FAQ (although it's late and I might have missed it), is that I am finding many time the altitude alert goes off at 1000' above an altitude I did not set, and as expected, the plane levels off 1000 later, at the wrong altitude.  Is there something I can do to remedy this?  Aside from this, you have created a panel that I am completely in awe of.  Many Thanks.



Thanks for taking the time to let us know about the authenticity of the ERJ panel. You can thank your fellow ERJ driver Kevin ("Do It Till I Like It") Au.

I'm puzzled by the condition you describe. Sometimes an artificial target altitude will be created in the ALT window for a panel before the altitude is sent to the autopilot, but I don't believe that's the case with my ERJ panel. The acutal autopilot selected altitude should be directly reflected in the FGC window and the PFD.

Does this happen randomly, or is there a reproducible sequence that leads to this happening?


Thank you Bill for the quick response.  To tell you the truth, it has happened multiple times, but I can't find any chain of events that leads to it.  Granted, I do notice it happening when I change views during the descent, but not always.  I'll monitor it and see if there may be something I do which causes it.  I just about jumped out my seat the othe night when the TCAS gave me an RA.  Amazing.


Dear Bill,

I've also experienced this problem and I think I know when it happens.

Let's say you're at FL180 and will climb to FL220. You select 22.000 on the ALT window and press any vertical mode (VS, FLC, IAS). During the climb, ATC reclears you to FL240, so you change the FGC ALT window to read 24.000, right?
The altitude horn sounds just above FL210 and plane levels off on FL220!!

This will happen everytime your're within a climb/descent and change the target altitude without 'reseting' the vertical mode.

The only way to correct this (as far as I know) is to press twice on the vertical mode button...  for example, press twice the VS button, turning it off and on again.

Hope this helps!



Ahhhh.... I think you hit on the problem and the solution. If you change the target altitude, you have to push one of the vertical mode buttons again to also reset the target altitude.




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