Altitude Incursions

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What's a "wife?"



That is that female who comes in every so often and asks you if you are STILL on the computer.  


I'm tentatively scheduled to fly in one of the new planes on Thursday, so I'll take along the digital camera and a recorder.  Many times the long term (more than 1 day) aircrft assignments get thrown off due to maintenance and weather, but we can but try!  As for the new planes having the ISIS standby instrumentation, yes, they all have it.  The also have the new Mark I panel, which puts the FMS forward on the center pedestal, and moves the RMU's up where they are on your panel.  Pitch trim cut out refers to a protective system which disables the pitch trim system if you hold the pitch trim switch..either the one on the yoke or the backup trim switch on the console, in either direction for more than 3 seconds.  On older models, the system would just stop working after 3 seconds - to activate it again, you just had to let go of the pitch trim button, and depress it again.  The same holds true now, but you get a warning bell and a "trim" aural warning if you hold the trim switch for more than 3 seconds.  Aside from that, the new planes also have a new version of the Honeywell FMS with nice big screen.  


Hi Chris,

Thanks for all the info! It's really cool to learn about those particularities of the ERJ.



Boy, and I thought AIDS...Airline Induced Divorce Syndrome was bad.....Sounds like a computer makes it even worse!

You guys are most welcome for the information on the EMB.  It's an interesting machine.  I'm just thankful people like all of you have enough interest in it to create a sim panel and all of those wonderful visual and flight models of it.  It's really fun to fly one of the same tail number I fly in reality on the sim!


Heh, long time since I've been here

On the topic - I've been thinking about FMS last time I've been there, but got into whole new part of the job, both at work and in hobby, so don't expect FMC from me, at least until next few years or so This is both because I'm spending pretty much time for Polish VACC and LOT virtual, and because I'm making all the planes possible for LOTva. Well, actually tuning, as flight dynamics is now my thing funny, heh, I once asked for ERJ overpowering, which is worse than the one original you won, after all
Anyways, if anyone wants to carry out with FMS (any type found on ERJs, as there are two), I might be able to get some docs to help you with know-how (as this is what I started with, and managed to get some things). Just wonder if anyone will take the job, as it requires lots of time for development, indeed. It took me 3 months in Real LOT Planning to get all the things needed for one airfile... It might take twice, or triple that much for FMS.



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