FS2004 ERJ Grab Panel Prob/FSUIPC Reg. Prob.


       I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can fix an error that occurs when I try to load Bill's panel? It's the whole thing about "cannott load erj.gau." It goes on and on for 10 minutes or more. I read some of the suggestions that Bill gave in the board, but I'm still not able to get it.
       Also the FSUIPC register, when I try to do it I get a message saying that is not valid, or something to that effect. I put in my name and e-mail, and I put in the reg. code. But it doesn't ask anywhere for the ERJ.gau name anywhere.
       Does anyone know what I am doing wrong and where?



Make sure that you've got the FSSound.dll v.1.5 in the Modules directory.

Search in this forum for discussion of the fsuipc.dll registering.



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