ERJ145 Grab Panel Problem. Please Help!


Thanks for the great panel.  Unfortunately, I've tried for 3 weeks now to fix this problem.  I've read all the installation instructions and the entire manual.  I cannot operate any of the switches on the glareshield control modules, the DCP, the FGC, the radio panel, or the pushback panel.  The only switches that are active are the ones that come up with the yoke and the switches on the overhead panel.
I just know that its something simple but I don't think that I overlooked anything important when I installed the panel ERJ Panel Version 4.01 in FS9(2004).
Please help!


I haven't a clue. I've heard of this problem if you remove the window that has the yoke, but not with the main panel. You show no mouse indications at all when the cursor is moved over the click zones?


Thanks for your quick reply.  That is correct, there are no mouse indications when I hover over the switches.  I searched throughout your forum and did not find another problem similar to mine.  I should say that I removed and re-installed the panel several times with no luck.  Still hoping that it is something simple that I overlooked.

Please read my thread on this page. I would really like to have the panel working, the gauges working as well as mouse activated buttons/dials, whatever in my Virtual Cockpit.

Thank you, Erik Given.

My gauges are all working and everything else seems normal except that I cannot select all the switches on the panel.  Thanks.


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