Re: ERJ Grab Panel. Please Help!


I found the reason for the problem:

"I cannot operate any of the switches on the glareshield control modules, the DCP, the FGC, the radio panel, or the pushback panel.  The only switches that are active are the ones that come up with the yoke and the switches on the overhead panel. "
When I remove the MFD by using (Shift + 2) the switches on the glareshield are exposed and then work.  Somehow, Window 01 covers the entire bottom 2/3 of the panel and none of the switches are exposed to mouse clicks.  Is there a correction in the panel cfg that I can perform to make the MFD (window 01) go below the main panel (window 00)?

Thanks again for any help - I'm determined to make this work.


That's a first. Never heard of this problem before. No, there is no fix for this.


Please refer to post by Sean Estes: "ERJ Main Panel" who appears have the same situation as myself.  Thanks anyway for your consideration.  I'll try uninstalling both the aircraft and the panel and then reinstall to see if that will do any good (just because that's the only combination that I haven't tried) not that I think it'll fix. The only other solution is to hit Shift +2 whenever I want to set AP,etc.


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