VC cockpit


On the latest VC 1.3 I have no seat textures and the yoke is only rectangle pieces.  Is this all I should see in the FS2002 virtual cockpit view?

When I pan around while in the standard cockpit view it appears to go to a virtual type view with Joe. Is Joe suppose to be in the FS virtual view screen?


PS.  If anyone else asks, and as you suspected, you can lock the guages through FSUIPC 3 with the registered copy.  Unregistered version appears to have a setting for it but it does nothing even after changing the line value to "yes".  Petes web site lists the benefits of a registered copy,

1.) For the most part, the VC is untextured on all the ERJ's. Only most of the main panel and pedestal are textured.

2.) Download the VC update to update the panel.cfg and remove Joe's picture... LOL

Thank You!



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