Airstair-vs-Jetway Doors


Is it possible to change the type of doors on selected aircraft?
While I was trying to do this it appears that unless the .air file matches the MDL it won't even display the aircraft as a choice in the select aircraft window. Is this correct?


Change the air and model files to ones you like the best. Such as ER4-nb-j-t is a jetway 145, so if you want stairs, add a new folder called model.er4-nb-s-t , and place the model file er4-nb-s-t in there along with it's model.cfg. Open the aircraft.cfg file, change sim=er4-nb-j-t to er4-nb-s-t, (no comma), and add er4-nb-s-tto the model= line. Should work fine for you. Otherwise, take a screenie of the aircraft folder, and copy the [fltsim.x] sections out of your aircraft.cfg file and paste them here...

Hope it works!

Thank You!

No problem!


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