OMG wonderful ERJ panel.. need Lighting??

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Nce to meet you!
I'm Jun.
I make light panels (50% photorealistic) for freeaware panels.

I found your ERJ panel. AWSOME!
It's very cool..
so I want to make panel lights for this panel. and release it as an upgrade version.
I've already made ligth panels for FIDG's MD83
I uploaded some works I did.. I hope you guys here like my works..
I already released some of those.. and also included dark light for cruise flight. plus gauges..

I'll wait for your reply.

email :


I don't believe you have the authority to authorize his request.

Yoo Sang Jun,

Very, very nice work. Are you aware that there are already panel lights included with the ERJ panel? Do not release any "upgrades" for my panel, although if you have already made an ERJ version of your panel lights, I'd like to see a screenshot.


AHHH. I understand.
I couldn't play with your panel cuz I didn't have a time to do FS. sorry to post this message without check your panel depply.. I only saw panel BMP files. It looks very cool.
I didn't start making your panel's lighting.
thanks for reply anyway.

Yoo Sang Jun,

Have you uploaded your other works to any site?

Are they included as part of the original panel, or as "upgrades".

If they are "upgrades", how is the upgrade implemented? Is it a separate .bmp file and modified panel.cfg file?


Yes. I uploaded most of above.. you can find all my lightings on
well. I didn't make title of this 'upgrade' just 'light panels'
In panel's function ways it could be upgrade. but It released as means 'addon' I think..
light panel included night light BMP and modified panel.cfg (there's no edit or modify original panel's gauge. only added new gauge which shape looks like 'switch' as a gauge to change lights manually)
you can check yourself what light panel included by download at


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