Problems installing an ERJ 145


Problems while installing an Embraer ERJ 145 in Windows 2000 Professional French Edition.

I use the FS 2002 professional. After installing the airplane ERJ 145 and also installing the upgrade i found that once i wanted to take off FS bugs and closes everything down bringing me back to the desktop.
I have done this many times with the same results, Once i could finally take off but found out that the control panel was not the one from the ERJ 145 but the one from a CESNA (which is the default airplane)

Thanks in advance , Sophie


Windows 2000 has some unique features. We did test in Windows 2000 and did get it to work after making some changes.

Is there any particular action or sequence of events leading to the FS crash? Does it relate to sound?


Thanks a lot for your response Mr.Grabowski

Could you let me know how you managed to make the plane flight please, is there anything to be done appart from just installing the plane?

The sequence of events is that once you have chosen the erj 145 and click the take off button FS crashes and brings me back to the desktop, having shot down FS.

Thanks in advance and also thanks for such a quick reply


Hmm... makes me wonder if you have a sound conflict, since if you aren't in takeoff parameters, you will get an aural alert. With Win 2000, a crash wouldn't surprise me. Try NOT pushing the takeoff config button before takeoff.

Also, check which version of FSSound.dll you are using. If you have 1.6, it is known that this sometimes crashes WinXP, and probably Win2000. You should be using 1.5.

Please post your results here.



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