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First off I would say outstanding work Project-ERJ for bringing us such a fantastic and sleek aircraft coupled with a top-notch panel. It's been a lot of fun flying your panel over the years.

I recently reinstalled FS2004 and have  been having problems with the ERJ panel. I think you call this the "10s" bug, where the course and heading knobs move 10 degrees at a time. I get this with the altitude knob, but it's not constant. The pressure knob moves .05 at a time as well. Too my knowledge this has to do with FSUIPC. After trolling through the past posts with info on this matter i've downloaded, re-installed, checked and double checked all my ERJ related installations. My FSUIPC is version 3.201 (Unregistered) which I believe is up to date.

Concerning FSUIPC... I read that if everything is updated properly I should not have this problem even with the unregistered version.

Is there anything I can try to do to fix this or do I need to purchase a registered version of FSUIPC?

Thanks ahead,

Sorry, but the FSUIPC has to be registered to be able to use the increment function.

I know I am gonna get flamed, but what the hell... It is another way to bring in the dough for Pete (as all his FS2004 products are payware), and another reason to keep FS2002.

Ok, this is sad news but thank you anyway for your help sir!

Mr BD,

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