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Does anyone know where I can get a BAe jetstream 41 for FS2004. (Freeware/Payware). The only jetstream I know of is only useful for AI traffic as it is a very poor model with little detail (although I understand that it was the authors first attempt, so it was certainly a better model than I could ever do!). I have done countless searches on the internet and they all lead to the same model. Where I live jetstream 41 are used often and are a quite unique aircraft. Please help somebody!



Tom Woods´s  JS41?

I haven´t had it installed since FS2002 but as far as I can remember it was not an AI-plane but very flyable. I cannot say how detailed it was, though.  AFAIK it has been updated for FS2004 (see Mario Coelho)

BTW, Martin Lieberecht will begin to work with his JS41-panel  after his BAe/Avro-panel will be ready ( I expect that one to be of very high quality.

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for Tom Woods J-41.

Good model and works on FS2004.

Over 1 years half of modeling and Extensive data research. Intensive flight dynamic beta tested by the real pilots and JS41 flight test engineer from UK.

PAOB - Precisionaerobus is pleased to announce the official release of the most advanced Jetstream 41 for FS 2004 addon.

The flight model is developed by highly standard flight model designer. It is one of the great masterpieces of FS addon.

We make your flying experience even more enjoyable and realistic: full options support our customer included Real j41 pilot tips, Forum, Re-paint kit, Flight dynamic test, Livery free download.

PAOB J41 Panel Project Development included animated Wind Screen Wiper, V-speed auto call out.

I'm new to this site & this is my first reply      

I have this Jetstream in my fs9 with the panel from the BAe Panel Project and it flies really well.  I got it to go with the Jetstream 31 that I saw recently at Bournemouth Airport.    When you get it you will enjoy it I am sure.


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