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Hi all,

I am a late entrant concerning the erj. I am really enjoying the plane and its panel and would like to say thanks a lot. It sīs great fun to land the plane with its rather high approach speed on short strips...

There is one little thing that I have noticed and Iīm trying to solve. In the cockkpit view I see the frames of the virtual panel behind the bmps of the 2d panel. This does not happen in all views but in the right forward, right and left view.

When I use the plane without the panel cfg, the 2d panel is gone but the remnants of the virtual cockpit are still there.

I use a V3 plane from avsim and Billīs last updated panel (but it is not a panel issue I think).

I have checked whether this issue was addressed before. I found a few threads with similar issues but I am not sure wether they realyl referred to the same problem and if so I did not understand the solution.

Thanks for any help



The v.3 plane that you are using has a VC, which is why you see the VC frames.



first, thanks a lot for your wonderful panel.

Concerning your reply, I think I did not make myself clear. The plane has a perfectly working virtual cockpit from which I now use to fly most of the time, but this is not what I was talking about.

The frames I was talking about appear in some views (like right forward)  in the non virtual cockpit behind the panel bmps and obstruct the view to the outside. In the rigfht forward view itīs not much. In the the left view itīs almost the half of the screen.

I tried to take out the panel cfg which meant that your panel was gone,but the frames were still there and they very much look like the virtual cockpit (once more not in all views). It looks like the model keeps views of the virtual cockpit also in some "standard" cockpit views.

I never had this before and after some experiments do not know what to do to get rid of this.



I repeat, the reason you are seeing the frames is because the plane was made to use a VC, which is why you are seeing the frames also in the 2D views. Try a plane without a VC, and they will go away.


Have you tried to put the line SEE_SELF=0 to the [GRAPHICS] section of fs9.cfg?


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