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Hi there,

I don't know if anyone still uses FS2000 here -- I hope so!  I've been away from the flight simulator arena for quite a while, and when I heard that there was such a following for the ERJ, I decided to re-install FS2000 and give it a look.  From all I've seen and read, it seems fantastic!

Unfortunately, I'm a little bit stuck.  I'm using FS2000 Pro, with the 2.0b patch, and I downloaded the erj update for FS2000.  My operating system is Win XP Home edition, computer is a P4 3.00ghz, ATI Radeon 9200 graphics card - 512mb of memory.

Last time I was really into all this, FS98 ruled the sim. scene - I'm sure a lot has changed since then.  I read the readme files, perused this forum, read the FAQ, but here's the trouble: I start FS2000 normally, select either the intro flight with the ERJ or just switch to the aircraft, and it gives me the all-too-familiar "Microsoft Flight Simulator Module has caused an error" - and then gives me the option to send the error report minidump to microsoft - and closes the program.

Note that this seems to happen when I switch a/c - the standard a/c that came with the program work fine.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Can't wait to load it up and start flying - I fly the real thing and the panel looks sweet...can't believe you've got all the EICAS messages in there!

C Olson,

You are probably having difficulty with either the FSSound.dll module or fsuipc.dll. Take a look at the FAQ topic at the top of this forum that discusses how to handle the modules, both of which should be in your Modules directory of FS2000.

TIP: Upgrade to FS2004. Your system will handle it, and it's a vast improvement.



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