Reinstall problem with the ERJ panel


Had to re-install FS2004 and also had to re-install my ERJ145 and Bill's panel.

Everything seems to be in place, but I guess I've dropped a file off somewhere as the autopilot buttons are all black with no clue as to what their functions are (ok so I do know, but it would be nice to have tem back).  The panel works fine and the green light comes up on each button when it's selected too.

Any help please as to what's gone walkabout please?

Thanks for such a beautiful panel Bill.

Why dont you just reinstall the panel again?

Yes - I tried that but it made no difference - but thanks for the swift reply  


Well, this is a problem I've not heard of before, and cannot imagine what's going on. Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing?



Thanks for replying - however, I thought I'd download the files again and reinstall - now I've got another problem - ie no outside view just the 2 main instruments and yoke - everything else is black (having a bad day!!).

I'll leave it for today and have another go tomorrow.

Thanks again


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