ERJ-145 panel problems, please help!

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I am trying to get the panel by Bill Grabowski to work, but everytime I try to fly the plane I get an error message that FS9 can't load the file ERJ.gau to load and I can't fly the thing.  Please help!


You have to give us more information than that for us to help.

What exactly does the error message say?

Have you followed the install procedures exactly?

Have you read the FAQ topic at the top of the forum?

Have you done a search thru the topics here for help?

Do you have FSSound.dll and fsuipc.dll properly installed?

I could go on...


I have the same problem.
FS9 running under WindowsXP Home Ed seems to have a problem with the ERJ.gau file because when changing (from another aircraft) to the ERJ-145 for the first time, before saving the new flight, an FS error message appears saying something like that the aircraft will be loaded but that one or more programs are not compatable and will not be loaded. A reference to the file ERJ.gau is then made and when the OK button is pressed FS9 freezes and must be shut down with ALT + CTRL + DEL.

In FS2002 there is no problem at all.

Hope someone can help.


Do you have FSSound.dll and fsuipc.dll properly installed? This is the most likely explanation. Help on both is available in the FAQ topic at the top of this forum.


In the meantime I had solved the problem by placing the included FSSound.dll file in the FS9 Modules folder. There is no reference to what should be done with this file in the documentations other than the [OLDMODULES] entry in the FS9.cfg and because of it's literal name I had no idea that it could also influence the working of the ERJ.gau file. But one is never too old to learn  

Another (little) problem:

I've been flying the original ERJ-145 (American Eagle livery) and it's great panel with great pleasure in FS2002 for a long time and now copied and pasted the whole thing over to FS9. At the same time replaced the panel with your new version. GREAT STUFF   but ........   the old MODEL file "ERJ-145a.mdl" or "ERJ-145z.mdl" creates an external vieuw with invisible landing gear. The gear is there allright because taxiing etc. is absolutely no problem but the gear remains invisible and the aircraft floats above the ground.

The SunAir ERJ-145 works fine in all respects and the included MODEL file shows correct landing gear but it makes a mess of the beautifull American Eagle textures.

Is there any new FS9 version of the MODEL file available somewhere which handles the existing texture files in the same way ?
Greetings from Holland


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