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First of all, a BIG thank you to Nick and Bill for all they've done, and for taking the time to support their work, even after the project's over.  You're ahead of 99% of all of the world's software developers.  I'd also like to thank Mr. Cisneros, for the great story in the documentation.

I first found Project ERJ, and Bill's panel, some time ago (FS2002... seems like ages), after getting hooked on Embraers.  A friend got a job flying one.  It's his fault (that's what I tell my wife ) I got so hooked on them.  When 2004 came out, I took a deep breath and formatted the hard drive.

Recently, Dreamwings did something you all now know about, so it all came rushing back.  After a bit of googling (I was surprised to see the old link didn't work), I found fsnordic.  I downloaded and installed everything, including all the patches.  Here it is again.  Great!

So, after the thank-yous and my personal rediscovery of this great model and fabulous panel, here's the question:

The wiper, yoke and pushback buttons don't work.  Well, the pushback gauge works, but I can only move back, both the distance and angle knobs seem disabled.  The wiper gauge just doesn't work.  I've studied the manual (again), looked in the forum, reinstalled the panel, and nothing.  The yoke buttons don't work either, but the mouse hand appears over them.  Just to clarify, I mean the buttons ON the yoke, not the yoke on/off button on the left hand side.

I've got a fairly recent version of FSUIPC (less than 2 months old), registered.  Oldmodules installed and working. Fssound installed and working.  Short of yelling at the monitor, I've tried everything.

Sorry about the long post, I write for a living, it tends to get out of hand sometimes.  

Pedro Borges
Lisbon, Portugal


Thank you for those kind words.  :-*

You are correct about the nonfunctioning wiper. The yoke buttons I'm a little surprised at since I thought they still worked, but to be truthful, since I never use them, I don't know for sure.

The pushback was changed for FS9 to use the default pushback routine used in FS9, since the older routine writen for FSwhatever no longer worked.

But... everything else should work...better!



But... everything else should work...better!

It does.    

Thanks for the reply, now I can safely forget about the wipers and get on with the more important checklist items.  Like the hydraulic system, for example.  

Looking forward to your next project.


Re: Pushback

Hi Pedro and Bill,

May I suggest using the special addon pushback system made by a friend of mine named Rob Barendregt here in Holland.
The name of the file is and can be found on

He made it for FS2002 but it also works fine in FS9. It not only controls the total pushback sequence with conversations between the cockpit and the pushbacker but also an automatic taxi speed, parking brake etc. etc. It works fine in any FS2002/FS9 cockpit or aircraft so also for the ERJ.

It works by creating a separate window (top left screen) which can be actuated by a button on the panel. Google around a bit with "barendregt" because he has also created some other goodies like an aircraft carrier catapult launche/cable trapping system which does not use the payware FSUIPC or the ArrestorCables systems. The carrier of choice is Savern Rewetti's "Waikato". Try a carrier landing some time especially in bad weather or at night. It will give you sweating hands and white knuckels !!



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