Sine behaviour when flying CRS mode


Howdy, my Guru (Bill)!!!

Well, first of all, the compliments about the marvelous piece of art and work that is the ERJ panel.  

Bill, has anyone reported to you a weird senoid behaviour when flying in the CRS mode?

I noticed it in the earlier versions of the FS. I formatted my computer, installed XP, FS2k4, the newest panel and the two patches.

Then, this behaviour continues. I noticed that when in CRS the acft kinda ignores the FD bars and drifts left, then right, on 40-50 nm cycles...  

Want a printscreen?




Long time! Good to hear from you.

Yep, post a screenshot. What speed are you flying? Low? What plane are you using?


Howdy back dear Guru! How long!!!  

Sorry for taking so long to answering this message... Me, FS and my Wife had a little fight... Took a while to things settle down! But now things are fine!

I upgraded my machine to a Athlon XP2.4, 784 MB RAM, Nvidia FX5200 128 megs and two 18-GB UW SCSI stripe-set for OS, FS and The Sims (this is part of my wife's settlement, ehehehe)!

Bueno, things are now up & running.

Bill, the senoid behaviour as I told you is depicted on the printscreen below.

I take off from the sign on the screen below, then flown in CRS 3xx from a VOR (VOR not shown). OK, it was straight and perfect.

Then, I made a right turn, on a HDG mode, to intercept the rdl 180 of the VOR.
When intercepted, started the senoidal behaviour.

What I noticed Bill, is that it happens only in a TO-VOR flight, and not in a FROM-VOR.

FYI, I set no weather, no winds, no dynamic changes, since it could led to drifts.

When 'drawing the senoid', I noticed that the aircraft tends not to respond promplty to what is depicted on the Flight Director.

Dear guru, this is the post. Sorry again for taking so long, GLAD to return to virtual skies and to flying my beloved ERJ-145!  

Ah, I made some nasty changes in the panel.cfg that led my framerate from 20 FPS to 29-30 FPS! :-*

Since I'm at work now, I'll post the panel.cfg as soon I arrive home. But, beware; really nasty changes, ehehe!

Cheers, looking forward to buy your MD11,


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Can't remember how I implemented the VOR tracking, but I think I put my own self correcting routine in. Notice that the sine wave looks like it's damping. Does the wave ever completely go away? Are the passengers getting nauseus?



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