Many Thanks for the Best Freeware Panel/Aircraft Combination on the Internet!!


Hi Bill and Nick,

 I first became acquainted with your outstanding ERJ panel and aircraft models a few years ago when flying MSFS2002.  I have always enjoyed procedure oriented aircraft panels, so you can imagine my utter amazement when I put Bill's rendition of the ERJ panel into one of Nick's airplanes and began learning to use it!  At the time the panel was certainly on par with Wilco's 767 Pilot in Command in my opinion.  Even today it rivals many panels that people pay money for.

 I am a novice programmer myself, although I've never attempted any project so grand as this panel, so I can understand something of the struggle to learn C and C++ on such an ambitious project.  Your patience and willingness to perservere with the project have allowed many, many flight simmers to derive countless hours enjoyment from both the panel and the aircraft created specifically to use it.  These days when so many talented people are leaving the ranks of freeware development due to lack of recognition and appreciation from users of the time, effort, and sacrifices involved, I wanted to make sure you guys know from at least one more satisfied user just how happy I am that you made such an investment to support our fantastic hobby.  Work like this is what gets people hooked on the hobby when they realize flight simulation is more than just a game to those that want to take it seriously.

  Recently a friend who is a relative newcomer to flight simulation asked me to teach him to fly light jets.  There was no doubt in my mind where we would start.  And of course since you guys are still actively supporting the panel and aircraft, it has been a snap for me to help him get set up with your equipment for FS2004.  Today will be our first lesson together, and hopefully at the end of the day, you guys will have another ardent fan!

  So to both of you, I say once again, thank you so much for this outstanding addition to the hobby of flight simualtion.


Larry A. Coleman


You just moved to the top of my Christmas list.  :-*

That was incredibly thoughtful and kind of you to take the time and the effort to let us know not only how much you enjoy using the ERJ panel and airplane, but HOW you are using it to help and teach others. Amazing, even years after its release. Makes us all glad we took the time and made the effort to do it like we thought it ought to be done. I hope our future projects keep to that credo. I think they will.

I still love the ERJ combo, and regularly fly it because it's so much fun. I also use the panel to test other airplanes, whether Embraer or not, because frankly, I prefer it to even commercial stuff. It's simple, it works, it provides lots of "gee whiz" stuff, and it's fun.

I still consider the ERJ panel a "work in progress". I don't think you've seen the last upgrade to it.



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