I have downloaded and installed the updates and the FS2004 version of the panel but I can not get the autopilot to work.  I set the altitude but it will not fly that it's like it does not even know its set.  Also the autothrottle does not work.  I set a speed that shows up in the PFD above the airspeed tape but does not control the throttle.
There are many other problems I am having with autopilot (not going to get into all of it).
I might be trying to use it wrong.  I have looked at the Doc that come with the panel but they just tell what they are and not how to use them (autopilot).
Maybe someone can tell me how to set the autopilot.
I know how to set and use the autopilot in other aircraft (737, 747) but this autopliot on this panel does not seem to work the same.

Your best bet is very simple -

Read The Manual.

I have as I stated in the post.

Also I did read in another post that there is not autothrottle, so that answered that question.


The ERJ autopilot is very different than Boeing or Airbus. You say you read the manual, but by your questions it sounds like you didn't read it well or don't understand it.

My recommendations to you are two:

1. Read the FAQ topic at the beginning of this forum.

2. Complete the ERJ Tutorial Flight. This is the most helpful for understanding what's going on.


I also initially had trouble with AP, and I had read the manual many times without seeing this, but I think I finally learned the trick after reading one of Bill's replies while browsing the messages here.  It seems like if you have an AP mode set, like FL Change, then engage the AP, it will just blow right through the set altitude.  However, if you clear all the AP modes, engage AP, and then select the AP mode, it works like a charm.  Maybe I'm wrong about this, but since I started doing it this way I haven't problem with the AP.


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