Which country are you from?

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I'm from Finland. I think i found fsnordic in year 2000... was it Finnair's web page, can't remember.

I am from England but orriginally from WALES!!!!!!

No jokes about us and the sheep please 

I found FSNordic through Gary Summon's UK2000 website as they use this forum to give support to UK2000 users.



Saw this thread ages ago but didn't reply - this time though....

I'm living in Scotland but grew up in England. My Mum is Finnish and I have been to Finland on average once every year of my life so when I got interested in FS I wanted good quality Finnish scenery - from there it didn't take me too long to find my way to FSNordic!!


From Finland and I found FSN around 2002 (I guess). I found it when I was browsing through Finnair's fleet page

My Mom is American and my Dad is German, but we speak english at home. I have been living all my life in Finland, and therefor I speak the language pretty well.

It was my Dad who found Fsnordic, as he too plays Flight Simulator. He was looking for Finnish sceneries in Google back in 2002 and it didn't take long for him to find Fsnordic.


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