Which model version do I use for FS2k4?


Hi everyone.  I downloaded Nick's new United Express repaint and installed into FS 2004, its very nice, thank you for it.  I flew the plane with Bill's panel and noticed that I didn't have the virtual cockpit in it.  I rarely use vc's, but I wanted to see what was different between this aircraft and my other ERJ's, to find out if I had the most up to date files installed for all my aircraft.  The new repaint used airfile ERJ_v3-5st.air, and model ERJ_v3-5st.mdl.  My older UA N803HK uses ER4-nb-s-t.air and ER4-nb-s-t.mdl.  Which is correct, or more accurate, for FS2004?  The two definetly feel different.

Also, is there a way to check which version of Bill's panel I have?  I clicked "Properties" for the ERJ.gau file and it showed version, dated September 6, 2003, and the panel config is dated September 14, 2003.  I was sure I installed at least the version 4 of the panel for fs2k4, I was checking to see if I had 4.01 or 4.02 or whatever.  The panel works fine in the sim, but I just like to have the latest version.  If there's no way to be sure about that, I can just re-install just to calm myself down, no big deal.  I was just curious.  

Thanks Bill and Nick and Kevin and anyone else who helped build the ERJ.  I've been flying it for quite a long time now, and its still the best freeware package out there.  I just love it.



Thank you very much for those kind words. :-* It always makes us happy when we hear that people have used the ERJ panel for a long time and still get enjoyment out of it.

The latest version is v. 4.02, to be found at fsnordic.net's library. If this is the version you downloaded and installed, you've got the latest. You pointed out a deficiency in that I didn't change the version designation in the code itself. I'll have to fix that.

I'll let Nick answer the other questions.


All of the planes uploaded to Avsim after 4Jan04 as FS2004 planes are the latest and most correct versions for FS2004. The flight dyanmics are all identical (names get changed when I produce new planes in FSDSv2 but if they state FS2004 FDX they are all the same work from Kevin Au) and the models are mostly the same, except for the new colors UAX one, since I constantly tinker with the model, any planes I release from now on might have slight changes from the earlier versions, like the wing views in place of the VC on the UAX plane. Anything that says v3 or later should work fine in FS2004.

Thanks for the quick replies!  I did indeed need to update the panel, I thought I had just a few months ago.  As for the aircraft, I may have a few older ones, I'll look at Avsim later to see which I need.  

Thanks, Dave


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