FS9 error


I have a question thats not in here yet. I have several panels for my aircraft that gauges are NOT compatible for FS9. My ERJ panel v4.02 from Bill Grabowski will not load, every gage shows an FS9 error and is disabled, the plane will load but no gauges are there. I have had numerous responses about this problem in other forums and nothing works, maybe someone in this forum can help. I am CONVINCED I have a computer problem, or FS9 version CD, whatever it is it sucks! I cannot fly alot of my aircraft without gages, they all just get disabled. Please help!  Sincerely, RMan32

System Specs:
AMD AtholonXP 2300
Abit KD7-G
500meg Kingston 3200
2 WD 80gig 7200
Radeon 9600Pro AGP 128meg
56x LiteOn CD writer
16x dvd
4x dvd writer
Creative SB live 5.1
Windows XP Pro
FSUIPC version 3.03  (latest version)
Koolance Water cooling

Okay, Okay, I found the fix for all my problems geeze, I was changing my fs9cfg sound[OLD MODULES]  from the 1 to the 0!!!!!! not 0 to the 1. Sorry for posting this thread, what a waste!!!


Now these are the kind of problems I like... where someone who finds his own solution!



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