Vibration Mag gages not working


Does anyone know what parameter I need to modify in the ERJ aircraft air file, to make the vibration magnitude gages work on the EICAS? The Vib Mag gages do not function, they are locked in the 0 position, when engaging full throttle for TO mode they should increase with the spool up and decrease with throttle down. I have the "AirEd" utility and have made some positive changes to other aircraft and found this utility to be quite usefull. Thanks for the help.

Sincerely, RMan32


Smooth engines you've got there. What airplane are you using the panel with?


Hi Bill, I am flying the Project ERJ ERJ-135/140/145/145XR/Legacy for FS2004

Aircraft by Nick Botamer. All is compatible with your panel. I am using the ERJ-145 in particular, as the panel says ERJ-145 on top of the autoflight panel. Everything works fine, and I have no other glitches other than the vibration gages dont move at all. I hope this helps. I have seen other aircraft in my FS9 library that the vibration gages dont function. I do not know what parameters to adjust in the air file to help with this problem. I am still at a loss. Its just a minor glitch, but would like to see the full realism factor here if you know what I mean. I will try and send a screen shot for you to examine.

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