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Hi all!

Sorry if I'm asking a really stupid question, but when I look around whilst flying the EMB120, the views are from the centre of the aircraft, above the wings!!

I don't know whether it's possible to change this so that the view is from the flight deck at the front, or whether that's the way it has to be!?!

Can anyone help at all?

I might have the same problem. Here are some questions that I want to ask you:

-Are you flying out of FS2004?
-Are you talking about the veiw out of VC (Virtual Cockpit)?

If you are looking from the VC, and all you are seeing is just the wings, that might be just how the aircraft was designed.

I am flying FS2004, and when I 'look out from the cockpit' using the pan switch, it's as though I'm a passenger in an over-wing seat!!

Are you having the same problem?

Yeah, I believe I have the same problem. Either both ways it will show the wings and only the wings no windows or any instruments will not be shown. I'm pretty confident that that was how the latest EMB-120's were designed. There is really no way to find the key to this problem. You do have a panel for the EMB-120 correct?

And maybe, just maybe the EMB-120 that Erick Cantu is working on might have a more efficient and completed cockpit and Virtual Cockpit. To see his thread and screenshots of his United Express EMB-120 Brasilia, Click here:;action=display;threadid=26933

If you want the view moved forward, just change the value in the VIEWS section of the aircraft.cfg. Of course, you will still only be able to see the engines and wings, but they will be behind you instead.

And yes, the plane was designed that way. After the feedback from the ERJs, and the lack of a decent and FS2004 native panel at the time the EMB-120s were released, I decided to go with wing views on the models.


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