ERJ/FSSound in 2004

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Hi, I have entered the [OldModules] fssound.dll=1 in my FS9.cfg, however it has no effect, i made sure it was entered correctly and it shows up in the cfg, however i still get the error msg. about Fssound.dll being too old.  

Has anybody had any problems similar to mine, and knows how to fix it?

Jamie (you might know me as JamieG from the other forums)

Download the lastest version of FSSound and see if that improves anything.

thanks---where can i get that?

Just a second please,

    But where on earth is the FS9.cfg. I continuously search for it in my flightsim folder, but it aint there. Then when I open FS it bugs me about some incompatible module and should it use it or not.

Could My FS be a fake !

P.S. I wrote unregistered first now changed to incompatible.

Check our FS2004 FAQ


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