Still in awe of the ERJ panel


Hi Bill,

Just thought I'd check in and offer up a bunch of thanks for the panel that just keeps on giving.  I've yet to see a panel hold its own (or more correctly - lead the pack) like this one has, and continues to do.  Incredible.


ps - if you want you can put me back on this year's Christmas list .  If I remember right I goofed on a download number a couple of years ago and fell back somewhere between Claudia and JLo .


Thanks a bunch for those kind sentiments. I still like the panel too, and it's till my favorite. I took a break Friday night and did a flight with it, and I had a ball.

You're back on the Christmas list, but actually I moved you below Claudia and JLo (do you think I'm crazy?! No one tops them on the list!).


Things are definitely .... looking up .... .  Sorry, couldn't help it.



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