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Can anyone help me. I had previously installed the Continental Express ERJ145, with Bill Grabowski's great panel.

However, after I installed Addit Pro and tried to install a new aircraft, I lost the ERJ.

I reinstalled the ERJ and Panel, but when I load the ERJ I get the default B737 panel.

Can anyone help me, I have tried everything but still can't see the ERJ panel.

Also I get an error message regarding FSsound.dll, I have this file in my config file

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Jerry

Try following these steps:

1. Open up "ERJgrab4"
2. Search for "Panel.cfg" (open it through notepad)
3.Copy the content of the ERJgrab4 panel.cfg
4. Go to the continental aircraft folder. Hopefully, that aircraft folder will have a folder called "Panel" If it does, open it.
5. Do the same like you did with the other panel.cfg. Open it with Notepad
6. When have that panel.cfg, it should just mention the 747 panel. Erase that information by simply just hitting "Backspace" on your keyboard.
7. Then, go to your "Edit" box of the aircraft's cfg file and it "Paste"
8. Save the file
9. Open FS2004; If it still doesn't appear correctly, have someone else check this one out! I'm positive though this should work.

If you have anymore questions, please, feel free to post your question.

PS: About the fssounddll, Sorry, don't know how to fix that. This might work and get rid of the error (MAYBE)


You should have FSsound.dll v1.5 in your "Modules" directory. You might also check the FAQ topic at the top of this forum.


Bill, I have FSSound 1.5 in main modules folder and have straightened out the start-up error message.
However I still can't see your panel in the ERJ aircraft, I see whatever the panel was in the previous aircraft that I was using, ie, the 777 panel.

Windows explorer shows the following in my FS9 directory;

Aircraft/Continental Express ERJ145 N13970V

Panels [fltsim] alias;fsfsconv/panel.erjgrab with panel config file for erj145/135/140

in another subfolder called Flight Simulator9


& docs FSSound.dll

The problem is driving me up a wall, I liked your panel so much I went out and bought a 19" flat screen to use it.

Should delete all the files and start again and which files shoud I install and in what order?

Again, I have been using FS since Sublogic wrote it and yours is the most exciting panel I have ever seen.

Thanks for any help that you can offer Bill.



What?! You only bought a 19" flat panel to fly the ERJ panel with?   I'm shocked, shocked I say. You should have sprung for the 21"!

Just kidding. I'm thrilled that you like the panel (and FS) that much.

I'm confused by this statement: "Panels [fltsim] alias;fsfsconv/panel.erjgrab with panel config file for erj145/135/140", and this one "aircraft/fsfsconv/panel.erjgrab/docs & docs FSSound.dll".

You should have the the panel with all it's files in the fs9/aircraft/fsfsconv/panel.ERJgrab/ directory.

To get the panel to show for any plane, you have to make the panel.cfg file in the Panel directory of that airplane read...


I'm sure you know all this, but double check your files.



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