where to place pilot folder


I am attempting to run an ERJ model in FS2004. I unzipped an older file, ERJ_grab and found a folder called Pilots that contains some tutorial files. Are these files needed and if so where should they be copied to, since ERJ versions for FS2002 and 2004 don't seem to have this Pilot folder? Thanks all.

What I do for aircraft files is to make a folder in my "My Documents" folder and maybe label it "Simulator documents" Or you know how they say on "Readmes" sometimes to put files/or folders in a temporary folder? I have a folder for those temp. files. It's just to organize your simulator work. Basically, just make a new folder lets say in your "My Documents" folder and keep it there untill you get an answer from an expert. Am I making sense?

Thanks Jordan,
I did exactly that. I just put the files in a folder called 'Flight Simulator' Files in the 'My Documents' folder. I don't know if I'll need them again especially since later versions of the ERJgrab don't seem to include these tutorial files. I am just wondering if they are needed at all. I am still pretty new at all this.


If you are using FS9, download and use the latest version of the panel, 4.02. and read the FAQ topic about what to do with the tutorial files.



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