ERJ Panel size problem


First off, what an amazing add-on. I can't believe it's free! Great work Bill.

I'm hjaving a problem with the EICAS, radios, and backup altimeter and airspeed indicator. They're sized wrong so they overlap other aread and make some functions unuseable. I've attached a pic of that area to show what I'm talking about. This is all using the 4.02 panel for FS2004.

I noticed when I read the FAQ a few minutes ago that the panel is optimized for 1024x768 but I'm running in 1280x1024; could that be the problem? I won't be able to check that theory until I get home from work tonight, but I thought I'd ask now.

Thanks for the help,

Jim Titus

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Try this CFG

The cab is for a cargo door gauge I added... Copyright to Thomas Schultz

Thanks, John. I'll try this out.



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