Trim in the erj panel

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Why is it that the trim is so unstable. When I go to set the trim when I am the pic and not the ap there is no in-between, it skips in single intervals. So one click on my joystick (or keyboard) to subtract or add trim it goes 0-1-2-3-4-5-6, and so on. It's not smooth. Is it because my fsuipc is the non- registered version? Because my hdg, crs needle, etc. is smooth. For example on the hdg bug it goes from 360 to 001 to 002 and so on.

What can I do to fix this panel? Is there a gauge key to enter in fsuipc? Because you released the fsuipc .gau and key for the tcas system.



    Go to assignments 1st where you assign you're stick and where it says --repeat--set it in the middle cause you can't set it fully to the left, and fully to the right is no good either . I had a Ch yoke and just got a high dollar Precison Flight Control yoke and there is no comparison at all when it comes to setting trim  with it .Can'thelp you more than that  bud---Louis

I should have clarified myself. When I mentioned trim, I meant pitch. Not roll or yaw.


Try checking the box "Fix control acceleration" on the Technical page of fsuipc.



I have the latest version of fsuipc, but I do not have a technical page. The tech page is only for registered users of fsuipc, correct?



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