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  I see Feelreal has the ERJ as pay ware. Pardon my ignorance but i for the life of me can not see where  a pay ware ERJ is gonna be better than the one here by Bill G. I do have one problem that i have to fix cause i don't fly with FMC's and never use GPS. Can some one quide me how to get the 2nd VOR DME to show up on the panel. I read the manual but i'm missing it.RIght now i'm switching between VOR one and VOR 2 to see my DME so i know where to start my desent. THanks Louis

Bill originally produced his freeware masterpiece for FS2000.  So a payware product developed specifically for FS9 should be better.  Whether it is or not, I don't know 'cos I don't have FS9.  Bill's panel remains one of my favorites ever.

Ref the VOR2, don't take this the wrong way, but have you turned it on?  I ask 'cos it's the simple things that I usually miss!

Best regards!


 Ya i have it on but where the panel is where the green airplane is and shows where the door is open. I'm talking about that whole panel -how do you get rid of it ? cause then there's suppose to be a box and the vor 2  dme will show up in it  Hard to explane but would sure like to know how to see the dme for vor 2===Louis


If you have the latest version of the panel, on the radio control unit there is a button labeled "DME", which is the far right button on the bottom row. If you push this, the dme reading in green on the PFD will change to that of VOR2 and it will be followed by an amber 'H'.


 Thanks a lot Bill, that did the trick. I had the 1st version of tha manual printed out only. I 've often said that you can say what ever about the microsoft default panels but one thing you can't knock them on is that they are very clear.But you 're ERJ is every bit as good as that and what i like about you're panel is that every thing is there and you don't have to undock any thing.All in all it's very good --Louis


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