Help with "Using the FMS"


I need help using the FMS.  At the third step, per introductory flight, when I select the NAV button on the FGC the autopilot should follow the flight plan course in FMC.  I cannot get this to work.  I have a flight plan loaded.  

I see the LNAV annunciator in the active lateral mode.  

With the autopilot engaged I have to manually correct my course with the HDG button.  I will drift off course and get screamed at by Radar Contact ATC if I do not.  I use the GPS CTS to find out the correct heading to the next waypoint in my flight plan.  This also verifies I have an active flight plan loaded.

Any ideas?  I would like to get this functionality working.  I may be doing something wrong?!?



Your flight plan has to be loaded through the default flight planner and you should see the flight plan on the Nav Display. If you don't see the flight plan, it isn't loaded correctly and won't be followed whether you push NAV or not.

Two things to check. Make sure that the NAV you push is the one for the autopilot to the right of the HDG and above the APR buttons. There is a second NAV button on the display control panel that if pushed will make the autopilot follow the VOR and not the FMS (or flight plan), so don't push this one unless you want to use a VOR radial. To get the autopilot to follow the flight plan, you have to push the FMS button on the DCP. Make sure you've done this.



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